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STORY SPOTLIGHT on the Center for Collaborative Awareness


An intact team, who switched from working in one location to operating as a global, virtual team, increased connection and collaboration by Custom Designing their communication through the lens of their individual values. Building trust meant they turned down the volume on the Safety Brain and engaged more Connected Brain circuitry on a daily basis. “We had the conversations that mattered and built the trust necessary for our team to be adaptable while we were several time zones apart." 


A factory-based workforce adopted the tools and skills of Collaborative Awareness, while learning the neuroscience behind their interactions.

The supervisors and managers took the knowledge they gained about their interactions with one another to their work groups throughout the company. All through the organization people stepped up and showed true leadership regardless of job title or hierarchy. Understanding and changing the habit loops that run on autopilot enables more mindful one-to-one and group exchanges.


A healthcare business simultaneously built team connection, designed workflow systems, engaged new marketing efforts, and adopted a trust-based contracting approach by utilizing the Blueprint of We Collaboration Process.

Using the Blueprint of We as the foundation for their business enabled them to be more responsive to their customers. "Learning to custom design our relationships and processes on the fly is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity."


A school adopted the Blueprint of We Collaboration Process as a way to engage deeper levels of emotional intelligence. There are now relationship agreements between students, teachers, administrators, and parents, and within entire classrooms.

In growing each individual’s emotional and social intelligence, learning and growth is happening on several levels. Students now self-mediate conflict using their Blueprint and get back to a good place. The positive impacts continue to ripple into the community.

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