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STORY SPOTLIGHT on the Center for Collaborative Awareness Impacts

Updated: Feb 14, 2021


Impact: A global, pharmaceutical, 100+ member, virtual team deepened their client knowledge exchange and social connection to solve critical challenges and speed up client response times.

Once they knew and understood one another and the client more deeply, they began to create impromptu collaborations that were outside the bounds of hierarchical silos. More knowledge was available than they ever realized, which increased the speed of delivery.


Impact: A non-profit organization was able to expand to the next level because they engaged all stakeholders—internal and external—in a values-driven, strategic, large-group dialogue.

Many organizations thrive in the first two or three phases of growth, and leadership believes they are required to know the answers to what's next. Inviting the hearts and minds of all stakeholders to the conversation creates passion bounded by responsibility.


Impact: A well-funded start-up, that looked like they had it all together on paper, finally began to thrive when the co-founders turned the volume down on the stress in their own heads.

Stress is not something to avoid, it's a messenger for clarity. We helped them use what triggered them for their own freedom and for further development of the business. The rest of the company breathed a huge sigh of relief!


Impact: A global financial institution adopted the Blueprint of We for their contracting process and it was their attorneys who fought to keep the penalty clause out of their contracts going forward. 

Once they experienced putting people back into their agreements, they were inspired to have more meaningful conversations regarding what they were co-creating with internal and external customers.

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