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The Chaos of Life & Love

with Co-Founders Maureen & Zelle

A Virtual Year-Long Design Process for Couples


Watch a brilliant conversation with Maureen and Zelle, Co-Creators of the Blueprint of We, on the U.K. podcast, Being Human. Exemplifying resilience and deep connection in their partnership, they offer a powerful model for couples facing the chaos of life and love.

Observe the dynamic between Collaborative Awareness Co-Founders, Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson, you will see a profound embodiment of resilience and deep connection. Facing the challenge of Maureen's rare, fatal lung disease, their partnership transforms into an extraordinary testament to the power of Collaborative Awareness: the discovery and design of who we are together.

The adversity brought on by Maureen's illness could easily overshadow their relationship, but instead, it underscores the essence of What Does This Make Possible?—using this life-altering circumstance to deepen their bond, explore new dimensions of communication, and foster a shared vision that extends beyond personal adversity. Their partnership, both personal and professional, serves as a vibrant canvas displaying how adversity can be transformed into a catalyst for growth and deeper understanding. 

Design Who You Are as a Couple 
Spend a Year Working with Maureen and Zelle

Work with Maureen & Zelle!
The Chaos of Life and Love
A Virtual Year-Long Design Process for Couples
4 Personalized Virtual Meetings + Tools 
(or In-person in Asheville, USA; contact us)

In today's fast-paced world, crafting a mindful and resilient relationship is more crucial than ever. That's why we've created a transformative year-long course for couples, designed to strengthen your bond and align your visions in four key meetings throughout the year.


Each year Maureen and Zelle, happily together for over 25 years, open a few coveted spots to work directly with you to enhance your relationship as a couple. Together we'll plan the four meetings to meet your schedules.


Why This Journey?


  1. Surpassing Increased Expectations: As expectations in relationships soar, it's vital to intentionally nurture emotional, intellectual, and sexual fulfillment. Our course guides you in mastering communication and actions to meet these evolving needs.

  2. Navigating Changing Social Norms: With the evolution of traditional roles, our program empowers you to collaboratively define your unique roles, values, and expectations, moving beyond the outdated one-size-fits-all relationship model.

  3. Harmonizing Individuality and Togetherness: In a world focused on individual success, our course is your pathway to supporting personal growth while fortifying your partnership's bond.

  4. Confronting Complex Life Challenges: Tackle modern life's stresses, from hectic schedules to financial pressures, with a relationship that stands as a robust foundation and support system.

  5. Avoiding Autopilot Mode: Prevent the drift into routine that can disengage partners. Our course fosters ongoing engagement and mutual growth.

  6. Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution: Elevate your emotional intelligence for healthier communication and conflict resolution, integral to a thriving relationship.

  7. Crafting a Shared Vision: Together, shape your future, align goals, and harmonize your aspirations for a more fulfilling partnership.


What's Included?


  • Four Transformative Virtual Sessions with Co-Founders Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson: Spread across a year, each 2.5-hour session (including breaks) is designed to deepen your connection and understanding. We'll work with you to plan the four meetings to meet your schedules. 
    (Inquire about in-person options.)


  • Monthly Exercises and Activities: Keep your connection flourishing with engaging monthly tasks, nurturing your bond and growth as a couple.

  • Couples Blueprint of We Collaboration Document: Start your journey with our templates, creating a personalized blueprint for your relationship's future.

  • Additional Resources and Tools: Access materials to continuously enrich and evolve your Blueprint of We.


Join us in this year-long expedition to enrich and redefine your relationship, tailored for the dynamic challenges and opportunities of modern life. Register now and embark on a journey of growth, fulfillment, and profound connection.

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