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The Blueprint of Me & My Mind

designing the relationship between you and your mind

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The chatterbox in your head is like a roommate that will never move out.


That relationship can feel like it's for you or against you.

The Blueprint of Me & My Mind is a dynamic process for custom designing who you are and what you want from life. 

You have many relationships in your life, some more important to you than others. You put effort and energy into building and maintaining them, yet the relationship you may tend to least is the one with yourself.

The Blueprint of Me & My Mind is a written trust between you and that voice in your head we call “the Chatterbox.” It is the one that can inspire you to be the best version of yourself or pull you off center running stressful stories on autopilot.

Creating a Blueprint of Me & My Mind deepens your understanding of who you are and how you operate as an individual. It gives you the strength and the tools for self management and growth and ensures that you thrive in the world and are able to sustain yourself and others around you.

One of the keys to establishing effortless relationships with others is to foster a healthy relationship with yourself. There will always be days when the chatterbox in your head spirals you down, but what if you could reduce the days in the downward spiral to minutes? What if joy were on auto-pilot?

How can I use my stress as a messaging system for my mind?
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Get Started

The Blueprint of Me & My Mind

Template & Certified Collaboration Coaching

In addition to the Blueprint of Me Templates & Tools that help you create your 1.0 document, receive expert assistance through 90, 120 or 180-minute, one-on-one sessions with a Blueprint of We Certified Collaboration Coach. 

Ways to use your Blueprint of Me

  • Social and Mental Health: Strengthen your resiliency in complex and uncertain landscapes within yourself and your relationships.

  • Personal Development Plan: Put into practice the personal and leadership tools you have acquired over the years, or address specific issues that have held you back, or aspects you want to evolve.

  • New or Current Endeavor: Create mindful growth in a new city, job, relationship, with health challenges, a new stage of your life, etc.

Creating a Blueprint of Me with yourself ensures that you tend to yourself, so that you thrive in the world and are able to sustain yourself and others around you.

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