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Questioning the Mind

In order to conserve the disproportionate amount of energy our brain requires, it has become an excellent meaning-making machine that projects our stories into the future.

Our brain really wants us to be convinced that it's protecting us when it tells us a stressful story. Yet when you stop a moment and remove yourself from the eye of your own storm, you begin to see that what your brain tells you is not always true. Collaborations benefit when the mind of each individual is clean and clear.

We teach individuals how to question their own mind first, so that collaborating with others, and the world, is a lot healthier and more productive.

With an elegantly simple process called The Work, we pause the autopilot habit loops running in our brains so that we can mindfully create a new neural pathway about the same topic that is less stressful and more life-giving. Now people have an option of choosing peace or stress in any given moment.

Stress is no longer an automatic reaction to fast-paced collaboration, or to people who operate differently than they do. More clarity and less judgment happen on a daily basis. 

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